About Me & Contact in ENGLISH

The European Dream
A historian and a philosopher, I am a keen supporter of the European project. In 2017 I wrote a book about the wonderful 'European Dream', contrasting it with the current 'American Nightmare'. This book, Aan de Europese Natie, has been generally well received by critics and readers. It is available in Dutch only.

Play, Work, and Labour
My next book will take up and expand on the philosophical and historical arguments I have developed in Aan de Europese Natie, especially regarding play, work, labour and the interrelation of these phenomena throughout European history. This new book, probably entitled Play, Work, and Labour, will be published in English, and promoted through this website.

Classical Music on LP
Some English speaking readers may, perhaps, enjoy my musings about some aspects of classical music on LP.

Of course, where LPs are concerned, it is very well possible that I am wrong concerning a technical detail, or that readers would like to know more. In these cases, I will be happy to receive messages at: joost[ad]joostvandernet.nl 

Professionally, I may be contacted through LinkedIn.